Get Hooked on FISH! Drop us a line 1300 399 665

Get Hooked on FISH! Drop us a line 1300 399 665


FISH! For You

FISH! for You course is designed as a short, fun and interactive Self-Development course. This video based course will take 45 minutes to complete you will see the World Famous Fishmongers in action and hear from individuals in various industries about how they practise FISH daily.

During the course you will Create your own personal action plan and receive a certificate of completion by email when finished. Learn valuable life skills to help you build stronger relationships at work and in life.


Understanding of the FISH! Philosophy

Ability to apply these practices daily

Lifelong relationship, happiness skills

Key employability, team skills

Greater awareness of your attitude, impact

Personalised action plan

Ideas to make people's day

Increased creativity, enjoyment at work

O-fish-al certificate of completion

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FISH! For Life Book

This book was written by Stephen C Lundin PHD, John Christensen and Harry Paul to help infuse The FISH! Philosophy not one’s personal life – to help improve family and personal relationships. 

The sequel to FISH!, it follows Lonnie and Mary Jane, four years later, as their blended family life makes them realize how they can use FISH! to parent their kids, take care of grandma and tend to other family relationships.

The book stems from wonderful anecdotal stories people have shared by mail, e-mail and in person about how FISH! saved their marriages, helped with difficult family members or tough times – and sometimes even saved lives. It’s a must read for the true FISH! philsopher.

Use these four practices to Improve Self Care and Positivity

Be There

Connect with people while working remotely. Focus on how Be There can help people come together in stressful times. Build trust with people in your life by being fully present for them when they need you.

Make Their Day

Every moment is an opportunity to make a positive difference. Be inspired to look for ways to create Make Their Day moments for people in your life. This can be done remotely or over the phone. Be the positive difference that makes them smile.   

Choose Your Attitude

We may not be able to choose the situation we are all facing around the world. However we can choose our own personal attitude moment by moment. Become aware of how your attitude is impacting the people in your life. You can be that positive ray of hope that we all desire.


Having fun is essential and psychologists have said that we actually crave Play. Learn how to apply the other 3 practices to find appropriate play. While we can not have a lighthearted approach to health and safety we can have a still have fun. Explore ways to find play everyday. Play is a mindset you can apply to any task. It boosts energy, reduces stress and improves creativity.

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