FISH! For Schools Training

FISH! For SchoolsFISH! Training workshop for Schools, incorporates the FISH! Practices into a purpose designed program for Teachers. The material in this program was developed by a team of educators in USA utilising results of schools across USA being observed and filmed from kindergarten through year 12, with the focus on educators using The FISH! Philosophy. The objective of this workshop is to provide an easy to use language to help students and staff create more respectful, focused, accountable, caring and fun school cultures. This FISH! Schools Experience will help you:
  • Develop more effective relationships with students and colleagues
  • Nurture a joyful and productive learning environment
  • Establish clear behavioural expectations that are shared and owned by everyone in the classroom
  • Techniques to assist with guiding students to examine their behaviour when it doesn’t work and take responsibility for more functional choices
  • Create an atmosphere of mutual trust and emotional safety

Throughout this workshop we will share relevant video units to inspire thoughts and provide examples. We will then discuss and reflect each unit and finish with personal action planning. You will be excited to return to your school to share your experience and passion for FISH! with your colleagues and students. This is a 6 hour workshop and each participant will receive their own Guided Journey book with DVD of sample videos as part of the workshop purchase price. Check out our calendar of events or contact us directly for further information about upcoming Fish for Schools events.