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FISH! For Schools Complete Pack


Build the foundation of a great learning culture with relationship tools for staff and students. From classrooms to every part of the school, the common language of FISH! builds mutual understanding and respect, teamwork and personal accountability.

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FISH! For Schools Starter Kit

  • FISH! video and guide
  • Staff development program (Guided Journey)
  • Sample pack of FISH! accessories

Classroom management tools called the Classroom Experience. With four year specific versions, the Classroom Experience is a great way to introduce the philosophy to students. It includes Student FISH!, a video of students explaining how they live FISH!, short activities to help students practice positive behaviours, and posters to keep these messages top of mind.

These activities blend seamlessly into your day, giving students the chance to partner with the teacher to create a productive classroom. The kit includes 3 Classroom Experiences of your choice (retail $1077 for three).  When you buy this pack, you may purchase additional Classroom Experiences for $200 each

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