Keynote Speaking

If you are looking for a professional and motivational keynote speaker then you have come to the right place!

Danielle Peters has delivered a wide range of keynote speeches in Australia as well as abroad, but the one that she enjoys the most is the FISH! Philosophy

Our Keynote Speech will kick off with one of the famous Fish! Films as relevant for the event and organisation, followed by a fun overview and engaging talk on the topic. This talk will feature usable Fish! Ideas, storytelling and humor to bring passion and purpose to your company’s conference or event. Even if you are already familiar with FISH! – This tailored Keynote Speech will provide the energy necessary to spark positive action and gain renewed inspiration for keeping Fish! Alive and well in your workplace.

Typically 1-2 hours in length.

What your people will swim away from the event with:
  • Practical tools to bring The FISH! Philosophy to life in your workplace;
  • Proven strategies to increase morale, retention and revenue;
  • Rekindled passion for what you do, and what your organisation can become;
  • An understanding of how to begin culture change at your workplace.

The result of a Fish Keynote Speech can be one of personal discovery, organisational idea generation and action planning.