Get Hooked on FISH! Drop us a line 1300 399 665

Get Hooked on FISH! Drop us a line 1300 399 665

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Job Seekers

Improve employability skills and become a standout candidate with the online FISH! Course

Are you finding it difficult to stand out from other job candidates? Do you want to impress during an interview? It’s easier than you may think…

Managers and recruiters say skills such as attitude, collaboration, adaptability and creativity are critical to career success in the 21st century. The FISH! Philosophy, used around the world, helps you develop these skills.

Complete this short 45 minute online course to demonstrate that you have the necessary soft skills to be Job Ready. Impress with your FISH! Action Plan and Certificate. 

Hiring Managers and Recruiters say that your soft skills will give you a point of difference. But how do you demonstrate you actually have these skills?

What if a short online course could give you the evidence you need to truly stand out?
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Improve employability skills and become a standout candidate!

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4 Simple Practices - Amazing Results

Be There

People are spending more time in team activities at work. Build trust with your teammates by being fully present for them when they need you.

Make Their Day

Every moment is an opportunity to make a positive difference. Delighted customers will want to do business with you. Your colleagues will want to work with you.

Choose Your Attitude

You can choose any attitude you want, but it affects everyone you interact with – and how they perceive you. Do your choices help you succeed?


We all want to enjoy the time we spend at work. Play is a mindset you can apply to any task. It boosts energy, reduces stress and improves creativity. Enjoy what you do.