FISH! Hospitality Philosophy

Hospitality2 FISH! Hospitality The FISH! Philosophy perfectly supports the day to day demands of working in the hospitality industry. If you are looking to take your venue to the next level when it comes to customer experience then introducing the FISH! Practice, Make Their Day will be a great start. Of course the other 3 practices are also essential but let’s face it in the hospitality game your goal is to create lasting memories for your guests that keeps them coming back for more.

During our FISH! Experience workshop we will share the original FISH! film and debrief each of the four FISH! Practices using group activities, discussion and action planning to help ignite renewed energy and enthusiasm for your team. Our facilitated events are designed to inspire people to think differently. Your team will leave having created or enhanced their sense of community – there’s wonderful power in numbers – and their sense of purpose about how to use FISH! to inspire the business to higher levels of productivity, customer satisfaction and employee fulfilment.

Dive into FISH! and swim ahead of your competition by taking time to practice Being There for each other by Choosing Your Attitude everyday while looking for opportunities to Play with each other and your valued customers.

This workshop is ideally conducted in a four hour format which provides space for discussion of the practices and how they relate to your business. Each participant will receive an official FISH! Participant Workbook. We understand your industry and have worked in and with hospitality businesses for over 15 years. Give us a call to discuss further and schedule your customised FISH!-ing Experience.