FISH! Philosophy for Healthcare

HealthWS It’s a Way Not a Day This Health and Hospital focused workshop is based on the success of the relationship between Charthouse and Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital. They have worked together to create it’s a way not a day FISH! Experience for Hospital and Health businesses.

HOSPITAL CASE STUDY: Ranken Jordan in USA has successfully maintained a customer service rating of 95% or higher while keeping staff turnover down to an impressive 2-3%. And despite usual staffing shortages in the health industry, Ranken Jordan Hospital actually has a waiting list full of qualified nurses and therapists wanting to join their team. They have  earned an outstanding reputation through the States for providing excellent, innovative care while increasing their annual turnover  ten times over the past decade.

Lauri Tanner, CEO of Ranken Jordan, credits their remarkable success to their caring team – and to The FISH! Philosophy they live by. Ranken Jordan adopted FISH! as their set of values and throughout the years it’s become infused into the very DNA of their workplace culture. It’s become “a way of being” for every employee. It influences every decision they make and every action they take – how they celebrate together, problem solve, support and hold each other accountable in their work and in their relationships.

During FISH! It’s A Way Not A Day workshop your Hospital/Health team will:

• Learn the basics of The FISH! Philosophy

• Increase commitment to your organisation’s vision, mission and values

• Understand leadership’s essential role in living the values they want to see in others

• Recognise how publicly proclaiming your values strengthens commitment • Create a strategy to introduce and sustain FISH! in your organisation

Effective organisations don’t just put their values into a document. They put their values into action. This workshop will help bring your values to life.

Key learning benefits will include:

• Customers know what to expect from you, increasing accountability and performance

• Teammates know what to expect from each other, increasing trust

• People feel appreciated for their efforts increasing passion and commitment

These days customers are searching for organisations that are not afraid to say what they stand for and deliver it with integrity. It’s a Way Not a Day will help you to be one of those organisations.  Although this workshop is designed for the Health and Hospital industries it can be tailored to support any business that is concerned with Customer Service, Employee Engagement, Staff Satisfaction, Employee Retention and Improving Productivity.