FISH! Fans

FISH! Practices   What some of our FISH!-ing Participants have said in their FISH! Feedback forms:
  • “Great day! Danielle was a fantastic presenter. Thanks Danielle”
  • “Danielle has a great personality – engaged everyone”
  • “ Didn’t’ know what to expect BUT had a wonderful day, thank you”
  • “Sensational!”
  • “Excellent presenter. Made it very enjoyable”
  • “Would highly recommend”
  • “We had a great time and also learnt a lot, I hope everyone will use this knowledge! Thank you Danielle”
  • “Relates perfectly to life and the club (business)”
  • “Danielle had a great attitude and radiated confidence with the presentation”
  • “Amazing, can’t wait til next time”
  • “I like the enthusiasm! It was uplifting”
  • “The workshop was really helpful with great ideas. I feel very inspired”
  • “Fun, interactive environment”
  • “This has shown me how to be positive and happy at work”
  • “Brilliant”
  • “Danielle is an awesome, motivating trainer”
  • “Danielle is so energetic”
  • “Informative and gets you thinking”
  • “Informative and fun”
  • “It makes me feel good when I leave here”
What Roy Gori, CEO Citibank said:

The FISH! Philosophy has been a great addition to the suite of tools we are using at Citibank to change the culture of the organisation. After starting with our senior leadership team, we are cascading FISH! through every level of the organisation and to all new starters as part of their induction program. In delivering the training for our senior leaders, Danielle showed great flexibility in facilitating a day that also included key leadership themes. Danielle’s approach is fun and engaging – she lives the FISH! philosophy and inspires others to do so.

Below is an email written to Staff Development Office of Central West Hospital & Health Service following one of our FISH! Experience Workshops

Dear Britt,

I am writing to you to thank you for the opportunity to be involved with the recent FISH! training in Barcaldine. I found it to be extremely beneficial and very enjoyable too.

The trainer was wonderful and kept us engaged and focused throughout the entire morning session: sadly all too short for my liking as it went by too quickly.
I cannot emphasize enough how important this type of training is within the workforce. We all get bogged down with the trials and tribulations of our day to day work/life, so it is like a breath of fresh air to engage in such fun activities.
The short video of the FISH! Stall in Seattle was incredible; it opened your eyes to how affective happiness and the right attitude can have in the workplace! Infectious…

Simply brilliant!
Thank you once again.
Michael Boulton.
Alpha MPHS.