Get Hooked on FISH! Drop us a line 1300 399 665

Get Hooked on FISH! Drop us a line 1300 399 665

Culture with FISH!

What does your culture say about your organisation? What do successful companies and desirable employers have in common?

It’s their company culture – they pride themselves on having exceptional workplace culture and work hard to keep it that way. They understand their people and the way they feel about the organisation is essential to their success. Excellent company culture attracts the top talent and not necessary for the most money. People are attracted to an atmosphere where they feel valued and appreciated and LOVE what they do. 

If we change nothing...
...nothing will change


Transforming your Culture is not something that happens overnight it takes time. However making the decision to transform your culture on it’s own can start to lift people’s spirts. It can also rattle a few people because they don’t like change.

Don’t let that deter you because sometimes the ones that resist the most are the ones that become your biggest Culture Champions. 

If your employees do not love their job and are not passionate about your organisation then it may be time to transform your culture.



Well you most likely are already searching for ways to improve staff moral
or you may be experiencing things like:

Teams working in silos

Poor communication

Lack of respect & trust

Customer complaints and bad reviews

Poor customer service

Low productivity

There are several steps involved for culture transformation and some of them include:

Introduce FISH! to Leaders for Buy In and to motivate then to be excited about change

Online course to further embed this way of being into their daily routine so they can lead by example

Explore Mission, Vision and Values with It’s a Way not a Day program

Introduce FISH! to all staff either in person or online or both

Measure with FISH! Culture Survey

Develop FISH! Implementation Plan

Follow up FISH! sessions for new hires

Ongoing FISH! Coaching


At PST Training Store we will conduct a thorough needs analysis to determine our best approach. This involves us working closely with Key Stakeholders and then customising training based on your industry and desired outcomes. Often the Culture Transformation journey will start with introducing FISH! to your Leadership team in a half day workshop.

Followed up by introducing the concept to the entire team and company conferences, which is a perfect place to throw Fish out to the group and invite them to dive in.  We like to bring a bit a sparkle and pizazz to your event. Teams leave reenergised, motivated and positive about the possibilities of what their culture can become with FISH!

Fish Company Culture Training
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FISH! is the perfect way to transform the culture of your workplace. Drop us a line today for more information. 

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