Get Hooked on FISH! Drop us a line 1300 399 665

Get Hooked on FISH! Drop us a line 1300 399 665

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Get Hooked on FISH!

FISH! Training Consultants Australia & NZ.

Welcome to The Training Store by PST.

Welcome to The Training Store by PST.  We exclusively deliver FISH! Training in person and online across Australia and New Zealand to organisations that are looking to boost staff moral, improve teamwork and enhance customer experiences. We are not just training consultants, we also offer a combination of employee training programs, corporate training programs, learning and development consulting, team building and a whole lot more. 


If you were to travel to Seattle you would most likely come across the Pike Place Public Market. It is an open air market on the wharf. Come rain or shine it is a consistent hot spot for locals and tourists alike. Not only because it is a great fresh food market with plenty of interesting vendors but also because of one very special small business. If you were to walk through the market you would most likely be drawn to this place. The noise travels and when you walk around to explore further what is going on you will find a business that is bustling, and the employees are enthusiastically engaging with customers and working in complete harmony.

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FISH! The Book

Interested to learn more about how fishmongers help to transform a team with toxic energy into a happy workplace? Read the story here. Best selling FISH! Book sold over 6 million copies. It is a must read for any manager looking to transform their team’s culture. 

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Our FISH! Experience workshops are an excellent way to introduce the FISH! Philosophy to your team. They are packed full of fun with great tools and activities to help with your unique FISHING journey.

Watch the FISH! Philosophy in action!

Could your team become World Famous?

The Pike Place Fish Market is one of several Fish stalls at this market however they clearly stand out from the competition and have actually become World Famous. Not only for having excellent fresh Fish but for their ability to Make People feel special and the attitudes that they employees choose everyday. They are committed to throwing themselves fully into everything they do each day. Their energy is contagious, and it was John Christensen, owner of ChartHouse Learning who decided to share their story and he and his team then captured this energy and excellent example in the original FISH! film and created the FISH! Philosophy. This film quickly became the #1 business training film in the world and the FISH! book sold over 5 million copies across the globe.


Visiting the Pike Place Fish Market you will see full-sized fish usually salmon, flying through the air, accompanied by the fishmongers yelling out the orders. There is usually a line 4 to 5 deep and visitors love to gather and watch, and rightfully so. It’s very entertaining and the fishmongers obviously enjoy their jobs. Event with 12 to 14 hour days, arms elbow deep in ice, nowhere to sit and the aroma of fish and seafood all around the team at Pike Place Fish Market love their work and have created an incredible experience for their customers.

The FISH! Philosophy comprises of four practices

Be There

Choose to be fully present for people. This is the first step in gaining respect and improving communication both which will increase trust and help to build stronger relationships.


Taps into your natural way of being creative and having fun. It’s the spirit that fuels a curious mind as in Let’s play with that idea. Throw your full-self into everything you do with passion.

Make Their Day

Find simple ways to connect with other, to serve or delight them in a meaningful way. It people know you believe in them and start to look at people as being half-full vs. half empty.

Choose Your Attitude

Decide how you want to respond instead of just reacting. Realise that your attitude has an impact on others so you can choose to change your attitude it is the one thing we have 100% control over. It’s up to you.

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